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The United Nations General Assembly on 22 December 1946 adopted a resolution calling for the establishment of an international system of informational and documentation networks. The term "legal information network" was proposed as most appropriate, although "documentation network" also was considered to have advantages. The final proposal of the International Law Commission, adopted in 1950 by the General Assembly and having received the consent of the Economic and Social Council, was: "An International Legal Information Network".

The Legal Documentation Information Network (LIDN) is a forum for orderly, complete and sustainable sharing of legal documents, and a means of providing complete, accurate, simple and concise legal information services. The Legal Documentation and Information Network (LIDN) of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, National Law Development Agency is a forum for sharing legal documents in the fields of education, culture, research and technology in an orderly, integrated and sustainable Provide legal information services in the fields of education, culture, scientific research, science and technology in a simple, fast and accurate manner. Ministry of Law and Human Rights, National Law Development Agency LIDN is a system designed to perform some of the main tasks and functions of the Legal Office of the National Law Development Agency, namely the documentation and dissemination of legal regulations and other laws in the field of Law Development, especially laws and regulations related to the main tasks. and the functions of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights Republic of Indonesia.

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